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An Elegant Weapon

for a more civilized time

Lightsaber Lovers
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A community all about lightsabers, for builders, collectors, and fans

Welcome to elegant_weapon, the first and only (to our knowledge) community for those who build, collect, or just plain love lightsabers. Anyone is welcome here as long as you follow the rules.

This community no longer has moderated membership - you may now join instantly. There have recently been some changes in staff and we hope that more attention will now be paid to the community. Your staff now includes:

websofsilk - owner and stand-by moderator
darth_eldritch - moderator on duty


The rules are pretty standard, but are subject to change.

  • Be civil and don't disrespect each other.

  • We have a subject for a reason, please stick to it.

  • LJ cut for images over 500 pixels, and spoilers.

  • Abstain from using profanity and posting adult content without a cut, a warning, and appropriate content settings.

  • Promotion of other communities is allowed only if the community is related to the Force and/or Force users, and is not a copycat of Elegant Weapon.

  • Introductory Questionnaire:

    When you join, please let us know by telling us a little about yourself. You may fill out this small survey in order to do so. Remember, all fields are optional, so if you're uncomfortable with a question just skip it:

    You also have the option of filling out this short survey and posting it in an entry with the previous. This one tells us all about your would-be lightsaber. You may fill it out more than once if you'd like more than one saber (and who wouldn't?).


    If you build your own custom sabers, you may also want to join this community.